Real Info On JBCO

Real Info JBCO

• Based on the history of JBCO, if the bean is not roasted and oil boiled it is not JBCO
• JBCO should be golden brown to dark brown in colour
• The darker the oil the stronger or sometimes offensive the odour becomes
• If the oil is dark and the odour is low it may have been artificially coloured
• Read the ingredients to ensure you are only getting castor oil
• Know your supplier and ask the origin of the castor oil
• You can test for pure castor oil if you have Methanol or Ethanol available @ 95% strength or greater by mixing one-part oil to two parts alcohol, the oil should dissolved completely if pure
• If your JBCO is relatively cheap, probably it is not JBCO, as the process of making JBCO is an expensive and time-consuming process
• you are more likely to develop allergic reaction to cold press oil that is not refined by boiling or chemical refining
• Have you ever wondered why your pure JBCO is package in dark containers???