Purerzan Raw Materials are harvested from the wild and from small farmers that grows their beans organically.

We use non- GMO materials in our products


While the Jamaican Black Castor Oil is a renewable resource, we fully support organic farming and the partnership with our farmers which allow us to put back the by-product (Castor Meal) in the farm land which keeps on nourishing the plants.



Castor Oil is also known as the Miracle Oil and Jamaican Black Castor Oil is presently the oil of choice in the Health and Wellness Market.

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Why Should You Purchase Our Product?

Thank you for visiting our website. We at Purerzan Jamaica have been making Jamaican castor oils for a long time and have been working in this particular segment as renowned black castor oil manufacturers for some time.

Our vigorous castor oil has been popular among the people for quite a while now. It’s an ancient herbal recipe that was previously used in the Caribbean to galvanize hair growth. Now, this popular oil formula has been circulating in the global market for a long time, passed by one generation to another for the masses. For our prestigious customers, we are pleased to announce that we are one of the leading black castor oil manufacturers making high-quality end products for our customers to enjoy.

In this regard, we have maintained our Jamaican castor oil wholesale for the customers. These oils are quite effective and economical to purchase. Our Jamaican castor oil wholesale is manufactured and shipped throughout the world and sold at an expansive level in different commercial and wholesale stores throughout the world.

The key to our infinite success is the fact that we are one of the prime and most highly recognized Jamaican castor oil manufacturers producing quality products to match the international standards. Here at Purerzan Jamaica, all the natural ingredients go through an effective process which is later onwards produced into a fine oil – shipped and sold to a vast range of countries across the globe.

Despite being an astounding Jamaican castor oil manufacturers selling and producing different types of castor oil, we decided to reach out to a larger audience mainly due to the fact that many countries were requesting us to ship their products. Not only that our products are manufactured, produced, and later onwards shipped in different countries, we have been recognized as one of the leading pure black castor oil suppliers selling to small, medium, and big sized businesses for years.

Our brand is significantly dedicated to become the remarkable pure black castor oil suppliers mainly due to the fact our blend of ingredients are all natural and picked locally. There are plenty of companies out there claiming to be the recognized pure black castor oil suppliers and supply the conventional type of oil. However, our powerful and pure Jamaican castor oil is not your everyday castor oil.

Our pure Jamaican castor oil is fully equipped and supplemented with top-quality hair growth oils and aids to assist and improve the quality and length of hair overall.

Jamican Castor Oil Suppliers For a Reasons:

We at Purerzan Jamaica are proud of ourselves and the achievements we endured ever since the inception of this company. In a very short span of time, we have become renowned Jamaican castor oil suppliers putting our black castor oil wholesale – which has cost us a considerable amount of growth and exposure in the market.

Just to give a little insight about the oil, it is sort of dark, rich therapeutic oil which can be efficiently used to condition the scalp, hair, and skin. In addition, it reportedly has an instrumental effect on the growth of the hair resulting in keeping it healthier, thicker, and shinier.

Apart from generating and producing and supplying our products in different cities across the world, we have been making constant innovations in the pure black castor oil to supply our customers with the best product in the market.

To keep our customers stay loyal to our efficient products, we have starting putting our Jamaican black castor oil wholesale for the customers to enjoy our products on a frequent basis, we have also set up an active customer service program for our customers to interact and communicate with us, give us feedback and tell us what changes could be made and how can we make our products better for the masses.

Our vibrant and powerful pure black castor oil is carefully designed to provide products on focused individuals suffering for major hair loss and addressing their problems by offering products like Jamaican black oil wholesale – that will not only improve their hair conditions vastly but will help them grow back their loss hair.

Our organic Jamaican black castor oil has all the effective nutrients or essential oils that are carefully prepared and enhanced in our in our powerful and strong organic Jamaican black castor oil.

Our mission at Purerzan Jamaica is fairly simple: to facilitate and supply the customers with efficient service and products to our customers at the cheapest prices as possible. As a developing organization, we take a great deal of pride in the work that we put, our dedication towards the customer service and in the entire range of products that we sell.

Our team is more than happy to facilitate you with a mind-boggling shopping experience and is available to listen to all of your demands and requirements.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions for us, feel free to reach us out, and we shall be more than happy to answer.